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If you are a Media Outlet or Networking Organisation who would like to be informed about future product's and possible attendance of Prototype launches - Then please send an email from your Company Domain, including a Contact name and Phone number, to: press {AT} ncoded.net


NCODED has a long history going back to 2003 when we provided Technical Consulting to various Blue Chip and SME Companies in the United Kingdom.

In the last few years NCODED has taken time out of offering services to concentrate on R&D particularly within the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision.


NCODED are working on a Non-Profit project which aims to solve a serious problem which has affected the UK and part's of Europe for over 50+ years. The problem is actually getting worse and spreading further into Europe. In our opinion the current "solution" is both in-practical and will be non-effective for the long term.

NCODED is using AI based Machine Vision within an embedded device to offer a new long term solution, along with work that other's are conducting within the BioTech and other industries.

We believe that we have a Unique product and therefore until a fully working prototype is finished, and all IP has been secured, then we will not be disclosing any further information about this project. The only exception to this will be Seed Organisations and VC's who have signed an NDA.


Seed Organisations, VC's, and Universities can contact us by sending an email from your Organisation Domain, including a Contact name and Phone number to: vip {at} ncoded.net

Everyone else is welcome to send us messages via Social Media however we cannot guarantee a reply.

At this time we do not have any open positions, however we are always on the look out for AI Experts and Pure Mathematicians. Send your CV's to: jobs {at} ncoded.net - If we keep your CV on file we will contact you within 28 days. Please note we would expect a 1st/2.1, MSc, or PhD.